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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 2, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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good morning this morning on "world news now," the massive manhunt under way right now. >> three suspects at large wanted for killing a police officer in illinois. helicopters searching overnight in a community shocked and shaken. the tragic loss of a heroic husband and father of four. new developments in that marriage standoff. a kentucky county clerk standing firm as she refuses same-sex marriage licenses. citing god's authority as she defends her actions. how long can she told out as she faces possible jailtime. high school football mystery. two student athletes hospitalized fighting brain injuries but were they injured from the game or were drugs involved? the growing questions as another student is arrested. and drone fishing. check out this creative new use for the mini aircrafts. catching dinner from the sky.
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will had he they refuse to take the bait or will they become flying fish? find out on this wednesday, september 2nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you. we begin this half hour with that manhunt going on overnight north of chicago. a strong law enforcement presence is out in the village of fox lake, illinois right now. >> officers is on the lookout for three suspects wanted in the death of a long serving police officer. schools in the are closed today as a precaution. more everywhere abc's alex stone. >> reporter: a community under siege. armed police in the streets on rooftops and in the air. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: a suburban town about 60 miles north of chicago is now the scene of a massive manhunt for three men considered armed and dangerous accused of gunning down a police officer.
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>> he radioed into communications that he was in a foot pursuit when communication was lost with the officer. his backup officer arrived on the scene and locate the him injured with a gunshot wound. >> reporter: officer charles joseph gliniewicz, a 32-year veteran died. three suspects took off armed with his gun. >> male white and male black fled from scene taking the officer's sidearm and pepper spray. shots were fired. no direction of travel. >> joe was the father of four boys, decorated police officer and an asset to the community. not only did fox lake lose a family member, i lost a dear friend. >> reporter: dozens of local, state and federal law enforcement officers flooded into fox lake putting the area on lockdown, the s.w.a.t. team brought in canine units going house to house. helicopters above searching for the suspects and local schools staff ordered to keep the kids inside and beam living and working nearby told not to venture out. a dangerous situation growing
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more tense by the hour. alex stone, abc news, los angeles. disturbing anti-police graffiti is turning up in houston. an emoji shows an officer with a gun pointed to his head. the police union says it's heartless since doipts darren goforth was shot dead in the city days ago. we're learning more about the bucket in the shooting. shan mon miles will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he's twice been committed to mental health facilities in had the past five years. attorneys say they were told by his mother he had a lifelong history of mental illness. new video shows the deadly shooting of a man by deputies in san antonio. it shows one arm raised and the other obscured. the deputies failing to provide life saving measures for three minutes. abc's matt gutman spoke to the
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sheriff. >> reporter: what do you think of the conduct of your officers? >> well, certainly it is disturbing. it's cause for concern and the important thing is that we look at all of the evidence. >> a second closer video has surfaced but authorities are not yet releasing it. the fbi is investigating. asian markets were pretty calm overnight, trading in a narrow range a stark contrast to another stock slide on wall street. traders were selling from the start yesterday spooked by more indications that china's economy is slowing more than previously thought. an indication of how widespread the plunge was, all but three stocks that make up the s&p 500 were down. in the end, the dow slid nearly 470 points, just about 3%. the other major averages were also down sharply. the county clerk in kentucky still refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex coup counsels is due in federal court tomorrow. the clerk says gay marriage violates her religious beliefs.
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she is now facing a contempt of court charge or even jail. abc's alex perez has more. >> reporter: >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority. >> reporter: a tense standoff in a small kentucky town. county clerk kim davis refusing to issue any marriage licenses because of her religious objection to same sex marriage. david moore and david ermold, together 17 years, trying to get a license from davis ever since the supreme court made marriage a right nationwide. >> getting ready to go into the county courthouse. >> reporter: getting turned away again. >> you need to give us the application. >> reporter: and again. >> like i said, we are still not issuing licenses. >> reporter: davis telling the courts she was exercising her right to religious freedom but the supreme court refusing to intervene on her behalf. >> you absolutely had disrespected bus. you're treating us like second class citizens, telling us we don't deserve the same rights that you have. that you've enjoyed your entire life. would you do this to an interracial couple? >> a man and a woman, no.
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>> reporter: the clerk insisting she is standing up for her beliefs. >> i simply told you all i'm willing to face my consequences as you all will face your consequences when it comes time for judgment, plain and simple. >> we don't have consequences. >> not everybody believes what you believe. >> that's your choice. >> reporter: davis in a statement saying, to issue a marriage license which conflicts with god's definition of marriage with my name affixed to the certificate would violate my conscience. it is not a light issue for me. it is a heaven or hell decision. >> she wants to be obedient to her lord and she wants to be obedient to what she believes. for her, she cannot violate her conscience, rights, and her religious freedom. >> reporter: david moore and david ermold promised to keep coming back until they can get a marriage license in the county where they live. >> if we go to another county then we're saying that it's okay to discriminate against us, and we can't do that. >> reporter: the aclu which is reprenesng several of the couples seeking licenses has filed a motion to have davis held in contempt of court and fined. the judge has given her until
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wednesday to respond. alex perez, abc news, kentucky. >> today president obama wraps up his visit to alaska with a visit to the arctic making him the first president to visit the alaskan arctic while in office. yesterday he underscored his campaign to fight climate change by hiking on a glacier. he stocked up for the expedition at a popular anchorage cafe which added the broccoli obamelet, with spam, broccoli and swiss cheese. >> why did you have to put in >> also today we'll meet with local fishermen and speak at a school in the alaskan arctic. >> why not put in tuna? smoked salmon? spam? >> we do need to looking into that please, somebody, e-mail the white house about that. reaction still pouring in this morning in response to pope francis an announcement he's allowing all priests to fib
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women who have had abortions. francis says that during the church's upcoming holy year of mercy, priests will be able to absolve women of the sin of abortion if they repent in the pope's words with contrite hearts during a virtual papal audience, a single mother in los angeles addressed her situation with pope francis. >> i made some mistakes as a person, as a mother. i felt guilty at times and ashamed. pope francis called her a courageous woman for bringing her daughters into the world and respecting life. the vatican also making clear forgiveness for abortion does not mean the church condones it. the church's holy year of mercy begins in early december. and you can see much more of the pope's virtual audience in a one-hour special edition of "20/20" friday night at 10:00 eastern. uber facing a major legal challenge to its business model.
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a federal judge in california granted class action status to a law out suit over pay claiming drivers are employees, not independent contractors. and as employees, the drivers would be entitled to benefits like health insurance. the lawsuit could have far-reaching implications for other startups. a federal panel wants more disclosure for the ravel industry. the transfortation department group says airlines should tell passengers how much cancellations and changes will cost before a ticket is purchased. the consumer panel also said you should know the size of the seat before you make your reserve reservation. it wants hotels to disclose additional fees when you book a room. it drives me nuts now when i buy my ticket, go to check in one bag and suddenly you've got to pay for the bag that you didn't have to before. absolutely. trick is say you don't and when you walk in there, they can check it at the gate. but it's got to be small enough. >> that's my problem. i never travel with a small enough. >> just make it small enough.
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just a tip. >> i like that. >> between us. >> tips between us. drones are all the rage these days and you can use them to spy on your neighbors. amazon wants to deliver stuff using them, as well. the sky, get it, the sky is virtually the limit. >> proving that theory is a guy who goes by the name of farmer derek from kansas. he tried using his drone to go fishing. it didn't take long to work either. >> farmer derek fell his drone over a small lake. pretty soon a small fish was on the loan. he was so fired up he posed next to the fish for a picture. let's hope he believes in catch and release, right? >> i think. >> look at that smile. >> that's someone who's figured it out. you know? use a drone to go fishing. >> all right. not so sure about this one. >> no, drones, that's the thing. we're missing out here. >> i don't know. >> it seems like they're not going away. they're just popping up in
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different places. people using them for different things. >> hopefully not the news at this hour. coming up from fishing to farming. the biggest cucumber ever and why later in the mix". first two high school football players hospitalized after a game. but new developments involving drugs have investigators changing course. and later, getting easy money for things you're probably not even wearing anymore and you can give us fashion advice if you like on facebook on facebook and wit twitter. you're you're watching "world news now." i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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♪ welcome back. more college students now smoke marijuana daily than smoke cigarettes. a university of michigan study says nearly of% of the students get high every day, the highest rate since the survey began 35 years ago. it says students don't think the use is is dangerous. drug use also up, drinking down. a major warning from the fda about powdered caffeine. the agency september isn't letters to five distributors say the products put consumers at risk. a teaspoon of caffeine powder is equal to about 28 cups of coffee. it's easy to overdose. the letters follow the overdose deaths of two young men.
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groups want those powders banned. two california high school football players are fighting plain injuries collapsing after last friday's night's game. at first it was thought they were injured in the game but the arrest of another student on drug charges is racing questions. kayna whitworth reports. >> reporter: 15-year-old nick brown is fighting for his life, and teammate justin schwartz is recovering from a traumatic brain injury after what was described as a routine football game. >> he wasn't looking right. it looked like he was exhausted. >> reporter: brown collapsed after the game five days ago and surgery. emeency brain his family telling abc news, the bleeding was caused by a high impact blow to the head. schwartz was treated for a severe concussion and released but authorities are raising new questions. >> a thorough investigation is under way to ascertain exactly what happened including a review of game footage and other off-field factors.
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>> reporter: police say the off-the-field factors include the arrest of a high school classmate accused of distributing the stimulant adderall. >> the rumor that we heard about was adderall. that would be the primary focus. >> reporter: police say they have not established a connection between the suspect and the football team, but by adding adderall to the official investigation it's adding new questions about how the drug might affect athletic performance. still there's no evidence either athlete took the stimulant. right now school officials are combing through game footage to see if they can pinpoint the moment the boys were hurt. also, nick as a parents say he is responding to some stimuli. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> that's a little bit of good news. he is responding. concussions alone, we talked about this quite a bit yesterday, the nfl is dealing with it. a lot of focus especially in high school and junior high school sports, when people play soccer can for girls it's a big issue with concussions. >> adderall is on the banned substance list in not only
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baseball but also the nfl. there have been many players that have been suspended for it because they consider is performance enhancing drug and that's what they're looking into. a lot of people take it not only to study but also because it improves focus and energy but it's considered a performance enhancing drug. coming up in our next half hour, a school bus safety alert as millions of kids head back to the classroom. the alarming number of drivers ignoring the rules, putting children in danger. what some schools are doing to make sure drivers follow the law. first, fall is a good time to clean out your closet. and it could make you rich. how to sell the stuff you don't want right from your smartphone. you're watching "world news now." "
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welcome back. now you can pass on your old
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clothes for cash right from your smartphone. >> abc's becky worley has been taking a look at apps that can help you do and she met one mom who turned her closet into a virtual treasure chest. >> reporter: shawna barrons is a stay-at-home mom making a killing on used clothing. >> last month i had $18,000 in sales. >> $18,000 in sales. >> yeah. >> how big is your closet? >> she finds cute items at consignment store, garage sales and posted them to an app called posh mark. >> it's so easy. if the price is right, i've sold stuff in 20 minutes. apps offer a thoroughly social way to buy and sell. followers comment on your shoes, your dresses. they even attend virtual purse parties. >> you know the worth of your item. you can convey to to your customers and say this is what i wear it with. >> reporter: and she didn't alone on tradesy this woman made $150,000 last year, this woman
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$117,000. on thread flip, this woman made $56,000. the online consignment industry is growing fast. users upload over $2 million worth of items every day from their owns this. that works out to an entire department store of clothing being listed and sold in one week in one-and. tip one, you have to be social. >> text back and forth and it just makes sales a lot easier. >> reporter: next she shays she's a brand. >> i think i'm selling stuff that i actually would wear. >> reporter: she thinks of herself as a boho boutique. followers come to her looking for that particular style. for this stay-at-home mom, finding the balance between family and financial security is all about fashion and her phone. >> becky worley, abc news, new york. >> interesting, isn't it? if you were going to do posh mark, if it's under $15, it's 2.95 or 20% over $15. >> smart way to make some money.
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♪ and now it's time for "the mix." you may remember, there's a young girl, 5 years old. she appeared on the ellen show right here. you may remember she did this whole speier dance was to beyonce. this one was whip nae nae, got 70 million viewers. now she's got her new song called hit the kwon take a look. ♪ hit the kwon, hit the kwon. >> she was 2 years old when she first appeared on ell but this is hit the kwon. it has already gone viral. the nae nae got 70 million hits. a couple days of posting this one, almost a million views. her mom is also a dancer.
3:26 am
the heaven show is where you can find it. >> she gets it from her mama. >> she's got moves. >> going to be the next big thing there. there is a gardener in canada that is really excited right now because he has grown what he believes to be the largest cucumber ever. he's looking for ot guinness book of world records to certify that claim. it started off as 42 1/2 inches and since then it continues to grow. it's up to over 44 inches. there it is. >> wow. >> big cucumber. exactly. >> that is. it's going to take i believe 12 weeks before he'll find out. his name is daniel tomlin before he finds out whether his has vegetable be in fact the largest one and then guess what he's going to do with it? >> eat it. >> he's going it into a pickle first. >> pickle it and then eat it. >> big cucumber. >> i love a good pickle.
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you may remember remember bat dad, a father of four. he chronicled his parenting skills. he has more than 3 million followers on vine. and this is his latest compilation proving that his wife may be the real sturp superhero. >> don't drink that. it has artificial sweeteners. >> do you mind explaining this? sl okay, sorry. >> all those annoying vibes. his wife is so patient. apparently this posted august 2th. over 36 million views. >> she looked kind of annoyed though. >> she's a good sport about it, huh. >> yeah, absolutely. he has to do that really low voice. >> with the bat mask and everything. >> that's it. that will do it for this version of the mix". stay tuned for more news next half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," searching for cop killers. three suspects on the run after an officer is shot down overnight. police combed through an illinois community, schools shut down, businesses closed as the massive manhunt continues. we're on the scene. summer in september after the warmest august on record. the heat is on. much of the country dealing with this relentless heat wave and the outlook for the month says it's going to be in the red. ginger zee's forecast straight ahead. also new this half hour, no political punches pulled. jeb bush going after donald trump in a new attack ad, but will it work? the donald not taking it lightly. his tough response just ahead. and later in "the skinny," kermit's new crush after being hounded relentlessly by the paparazzi. the suspected other woman, it


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